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June 2003 About the Author Bronson Herrmuth
120 page Paperback 5.5'' x 8.5''
Price = $15.00   Book Reviews

Table Of Contents
Dedication & Acknowledgements - Dedication (2.1 MB) mp3 audio narrated by Author
Chapter 1 - The Band
Chapter 2 - Booking Your Band
Chapter 3 - Rehearsing - Rehearsing (5.5 MB) mp3 narrated by Author
Chapter 4 - Your Promotional Package
Chapter 5 - Your Show
Chapter 6 - Fan Clubs
Chapter 7 - Your Name - Your Name (8.6 MB) mp3 narrated by Author
Chapter 8 - Recording Your Music
Chapter 9 - Merchandising
Chapter 10 - Transportation
Chapter 11 - Your Road Crew
Chapter 12 - The Magic Wand
Chapter 13 - Myths about the Music Business
Chapter 14 - Opening the Closed Door
Chapter 15 - Music Conferences
Chapter 16 - Teachers and Coaches
Chapter 17 - Contests and Competitions
Chapter 18 - Your Producer
Chapter 19 - Looking for a Music Publisher
Chapter 20 - Sacrifice
Chapter 21 - Sponsors and Endorsements
Chapter 22 - Your Agent
Chapter 23 - Benefits and Charitys
Chapter 24 - The Big 3
Chapter 25 - Your Manager
Chapter 26 - Performing Rights Organizations

Reader Comments
"I read something fantastic this weekend...your book! It is one of the best books I've read for artists in the music industry. I'm going to give or recommend this book to every artist I meet. It's really THAT good."
Danica L. Mathes, Esq. - Entertainment Law - St. Louis, MO

"This book will give you everything you need to set your course and goals in music. Read it, and then read it again. Perseverance and this book, will be the key to your success."
Bil VornDick - 8 time Grammy winning engineer/producer - Nashville, TN

"An invaluable resource for 'making it' in this business."
Dan Wunsch - Editor of Nashville Music Guide - Nashville, TN

"Bronson's book is a wonderful read, chock full of common sense and wisdom, beneficial to both the new kid on the block, as well as the old timer on the corner. This old road dog learned a few new tricks."
Michael "Supe" Granda - The Ozark Mountain Daredevils

"With an impressive resume in the music industry, Herrmuth's inexhaustible knowledge comes across as an easy and understandable read for anyone interested in "making it big.""
Katelynn Knutson - Nashville City Paper - Nashville, TN

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"Besides working at Berklee Music, I'm a Berklee student and I found your book very useful, helpful and enriching ... I already recommended it to my friends and I will do the same with my music business and professional music teachers."
Julia Clipet - Paris, France

"This is a must read!"
Brad Fischer - Nashville Music Guide - Nashville, TN

"Your book is fantastic!!! So clear, so simple, so to the point. And in its clarity, extraordinarily inspiring. It is realistic, yet filled with heart and still lets you know that it is possible."
Steven Memel - Vocal Technique and Performance Coach - Los Angeles, CA

"Bronson's "100 Miles to a Record Deal" offers aspiring artists a comprehensive and discerning roadmap. Armed with preparation and this atlas, the artists' ambition, determination and execution can then designate the destination."
Miles Bell - Artist Manager - President of Miles Bell & Associates, Inc. - Nashville, TN

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"Bronson Herrmuth translates his "Real World" experience into concise straightforward advice which, if heeded, will transform the aspiring musician into a successful musical entrepreneur."
Patti Sterling - Artist/Songwriter - Los Angeles, CA

"This book is like a roadmap for the working musician, singer or songwriter."
Eddie Phoon - Events Director for the USA Songwriting Competetion - Ft. Lauderdale, FL

"I believe this book to be one of the best examples of writing the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth about Nashville and mainly, the Music Business."
Larry Jackson - Artist/Songwriter - Nashville, TN

"This book is the real sh**!"
Mike Hanna - Keyboardist, Arranger, Producer - Nashville, TN

"This book provides a clear and realistic approach to making a successful career in the music industry. It unravels much of the mystery surrounding all facets of the business. Don't leave your day job without it!""
Ryan Smith - The Melismatics - St. Paul, MN

"Your actual insights and experience of the music business from just about every point of view are phenomenal ... Pearls of Wisdom"
Lorraine Jordan - Artist/Songwriter - Scotland

"If you are a musician or an artist and you are serious about your career, you have to read this book."
Ed Cain - Musician/Songwriter - Macon, GA

"This is a book of priceless insight that can be used as a "mile marker" to success"
Kathy Vermillion Grosz - Artist/Songwriter - Vermillion - South Dakota

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